Privacy policy for visitors of the website

1. The website, hereafter – the "Website", is a property of the STROPA Ltd., hereafter the "Owner of the website".
2. Before starting to use this Website, the visitor shall read and accept the Privacy policy for visitors of the Website. When visiting the Website next time, the visitor agrees with the updated version of the Privacy policy.

In order to perform statistical analyses of visitor`s requests and interests each access to the Website or its files is protocolled with the help of cookie-files of the web analytics programs Google Analytics from the corporation Google Inc., hereafter - "Google", and Yandex N.V., hereafter -"Yandex". Within this analysis, the cookie information along with the visitor’s MAC or IP address is processed on the Google and Yandex servers. By using the Website, the visitor agrees with the procedures how Google and Yandex collect, process and use following data of the visitor for performance of the statistical analysis: 

  • type of the device as computer, mobile phone or tablet and device data: MAC or IP address, the type of browser and of the operating system;
  • access data: the Referrer URL, the date and time of Website access, session duration, the terms entered in search queries, cookies that were set on visitor’s device;
  • web pages visited or files looked at: downloaded files, the date and the time of the download, amount of data transmitted, report on successful download.
3.1.  To prevent the installation of cookies, the visitor may change the browser settings that might restrict visitor’s fractional or full access to Website files.

Personal data obtained by the web analytics programs:

  • The Owner of the website uses only in aggregated form for statistical analysis ensuring the preservation of their confidentiality and non-use for mailing of own advertising messages;
  • Google and/or Yandex might use for advertisement of other goods and services in accordance with visitor`s interests.

Such personal data as name, email, mailing and delivery address, phone number or similar provided by visitor voluntary in the submitted request in connection with the production or purchase of goods or with provision of services in order to close the transaction, require information or telephone communication are stored:

  • up to 60 days, in case none business transaction has followed after the request was submitted;
  • up to 5 years as an informative part of the business transaction, in case a business transaction was closed after the request was submitted.
 4.1. The Owner of the website guarantees the confidentiality of the requests and personal data provided, as well as use of this data solely for statistical analysis of the requests and communications made by the Owner of the website or in order to complete business transaction, if such was committed.
4.2. The personal data obtained might be shared with appropriate regulatory authorities sole and exclusive upon request and in accordance with the procedures of the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.