beware of counterfeits

Counterfeit bush timing chain as replica of the chains No.514.1006040-20; 514.1006040-30 and 406.1006040-30


For comparison of bush timing chains (514.1006040-20; 514.1006040-30; 406.1006040-30) produced by DITTON Driving Chain Factory and of counterfeit bush timing chains you may pay attention to the following distinctive features...

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Counterfeit timing chain 21214-1006040-03


In retail in CIS countries are offered counterfeit timing chains of DITTON Driving Chain Factory, as well as a part of timing chain repair kit.

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Сounterfeit bicycle chain


By following the advices below, you can examine whether you are suggested authentic or counterfeit bicycle chain of DITTON Driving Chain Factory.

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